Saturday, February 14, 2009

Deer Butts

I don't know what happened to me, but all I got in these pictures were deer butts.

This was taken from our back porch. Deer come in the yard all the time, and they're used to people enough that a goofy woman with a camera isn't enough to frighten them away. There were four in the yard this time, but we've seen as many as six or seven at once.

In addition to them and the o'possum, we have stray cats (lots!), squirrels (which is surprising given the number of cats) and raccoons. Those little buggers have a tendency to get in the trash every now and then, and yes, they can get the lids off just fine.

Although we see the deer all the time, the raccoons and possums only make an occasional appearance. We haven't seen Petey (possum) since around Christmas, and it's been even longer since we saw the raccoons. I think they show up for the cat food whenever times get especially hard. You should see how weirded out the cats are by a possum on the porch.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We call her Petey


Check out our visitor.

We think this is a girl possum because we've seen her with a much smaller possum on the patio. She's been coming up on the porch and helping herself to the cat food.

I surprised her one night, and she panicked and got herself stuck on the porch. We took the chance to take a few pictures before we turned out the light and let her get away.

She's about a foot and a half long, not counting the tail, so she's a pretty big girl!

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