Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got it!

Finally. I finished my master's in Computer Science.

This has taken longer than I expected, what with the move and life getting in the way. I'm more relieved than anything that it's over. Is that sad, or just realistic?

I didn't go walk for commencement. I wasn't interested in doing that, and the college is a little too far away to make the trip easily.

My boss has already tossed around the idea of my going back for a doctorate. I told him I'd think about it, but I don't have any desire to do that. I'm so happy that my life is my own again, without any school commitments, that I don't know how I'd be tempted to give that up.

Yep, I'm seriously enjoying the evening. We'll go to some celebrations this weekend. Here's to all the other grads this May. Congratulations, and thank goodness it's over!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Wednesday

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged. Sorry about that, but life just gets in the way sometimes.

I've been busy at work, of course, but then again, when am I not?

I did join the Taking it to the Streets Sock Club this year from Blue Moon. I debated on whether to spend that much money on it, but Andy knew how much I wanted to do it, so he insisted. I'm about half way through the second sock of the January pair. Unfortunately it's too late most evenings when I get home to get a decent picture. Maybe I'll try to take some this weekend for the blog.

We finally splurged and got some porch furniture this spring. Nothing fancy, just a simple set from Wally World. Still, it'll be nice to get to use our front porch. It's an L-shaped porch that wraps around the front and side of the house. What's nicer is that we have some large bushes that give is a bit of privacy from the road and the neighbor.

It's been a little cool here lately, but I can see a lot of knitting getting done out there this summer!

How about a consolation picture?