Monday, May 12, 2008

Still here, or back, or whatever

I'm still around. I've not been gone, really, though I haven't felt particularly inspired to write for the blog. We do have new kittens (pics later).

I very nearly finished the North Sea shawl for my Mom's Mother's Day present. It's still in my purse, getting all the attention I can spare. That's one reason for my slacking here, so at least it's a partly good excuse.

I think I can finish in three or four days, and then I'll have plenty of pictures of the finished product.


Theresa said...

I admire anyone who creates by hand! Tried 'em all, not very good at it LOL! Guess I spend too much time at my computer :)

Kim said...

I love to knit as well. I usually knit afghans, but haven't tried to create my own patterns yet. That's next!