Monday, August 17, 2009

Frogged again

happy frog
Originally uploaded by avmaier

That hoodie, sweater, pullover, WHATEVER that I'm working on has been frogged, yet again. Hence, the photo of the frog where the sweater ought to be.


I got through my first entire skein, realized I had made a dumb mistake, and I had to frog the whole thing. What was the beginning of a sweater is now a yarn cake again.

We're going out of town soon, so my goal is to get the sweater started, for real, before that. it's gong to make some great mindless knitting. I've been thinking of caling it the mindless sweater.

Pics will be forthcoming, as soon as there's something to take a photo of.


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lunaticraft said...

Awww... Good luck with the restart!

Fran said...

Love the frog picture. What a great way to represent "frogging".