Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm working on a sweater in Knitpicks CotLin. It's very nice yarn, but I've found one thing about it that surprised me. Maybe I just haven't worked enough with cotton or linen. The yarn shows decreases. I mean, it really really shows decreases. I thought that after I had done a few rows it would resolve itself, but it looked just as bed.

So, it's frogged.

I had intended to do a little waist shaping to account for a slightly too-wide sweater at the hips, but I just decided to start over with fewer stitches. This also means that I doubt I'll be able to do any kind of short row shaping for the neck as well -- the decreases are just too glaringly obvious.

Has anyone had similar problems? Maybe there's something I can do to make the decreases less obvious?

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