Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scarf Finished!

I finished the scarf for the ravelry scarf exchange. Sorry, no pics or details right now.

I'm going to get it in the mail next week, and I'll post some details and pictures when it has arrived and she's had a chance to be surprised.

In addition to that, I've got a sweater going for me and a pair of socks for hubby. Pics of those soon, I promise.

There's been an interesting (and rousing!) discussion on Ravelry lately about acrylic vs. animal fibers. I never realized people could get so wound up (pardon the pun) in their yarn.

I'll knit with just about anything, though wool is my favorite. I have acrylic in my stash, and I find it useful for some items. I usually put no acrylic on exchanges though, simply because it isn't something I prefer. However, I don't have anything against it. I use acrylic for blankets, rugs, etc. and I use some acrylic blends as well.

I have a king size afghan I crocheted for my husband about three years ago in acrylic. It's fuzzed up quite a bit, but I can't imagine caring for something that large in wool!

At the risk of opening up a firestorm, do any of you have a strong preference one way or the other?

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