Thursday, June 19, 2008

SP12 question

This week's question is what we liked most about summer vacation.

I enjoyed having the summer to do what I wanted, for a change. Although I was good in school, I tended to be pretty bored as well, especially in the lower grades. I spent the year doing lessons and then waiting quietly (yeah right).

When summer came, I checked out stacks of books each weekend. We'd drive to the library, and I remember how cold it was inside. Our car didn't have air conditioning, so the building was an absolute haven. Quiet and cool, it fairly beckoned.

It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon ritual, and we still keep it in a manner of speaking by heading to the bookstore.


Bobbi said...

Did your library have a summer reading program also?

Jo said...

Yes, it did. We got little cards to put on a playing board. If we read enough books, we got to the "finish" line.

Anonymous said...

I was never big on going to the library but I can relate to the cool haven. I've always loved bookstores, something about the new book smell is wonderful.