Sunday, August 31, 2008

Secret Pal Pic

Here it is, the SP12 package. There was a magazine in there too, but it's already joined my knitting bag downstairs.

In the back, you see a cute little knitting, great for storing small items, which I tend to lose! Inside were some dove chocolates -- there's one sitting out there, lucky to have lasted this long. There's a bear shaped tape measure -- very cute and handy.

In the little bag are some of the cutest double-pointed needles. They're only about 5 inches long and very small and delicate. I can't wait to try them out!

Then there's a bath bomb (love those things) and a foot scrubbie that I've never tried. It looks really cool though. There's a picture mouse pad and a magnetic notepad. I use those on the fridge to keep my grocery list.

And in front, a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I LOVE that yarn brand. If I had to name a favorite sock yarn, that would have to be it. How did you know? The color is Mountain Morning. The picture here really doesn't do it justice. Imagine autumn colors, reds with a little gold and teal. Beautiful! This is going to be a pair of socks for me, very very soon!

Thanks SP buddy! You did fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see that everything made it and you are having fun with it all. Let me know what you think of that foot scrubbie I've never tried it either but it looked like fun so I thought you just had to have it.